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Dear Jane: Calender

Aug 12, 2012 OC Fair Costa Mesa Calif USA
Jul 15, 2012 OC Fair Costa Mesa Calif USA

Have a safe drive to where ever you go after the show

Apr 30, 2012 Max Bloom's Cafe Noir Fullerton Calif USo
Mar 29, 2012 Downtown Anaheim Anaheim Calif USo
Mar 12, 2012 Grrl Fair 2012 at the Santora Arts Bldg Santa Ana Calif USo
Jul 28, 2011 Orange County Fair, Calif Costa Mesa Calif USo

Enjoy the fair.....a place where anything, ANYTHING can be deep fried. Try the White Castle Cheese Burger DEEP FRIED! Yum!! Have a frosty cold Heff, then after twirling around at the fun zone hop in your car for a safe drive home

Jul 19, 2010 OC Fair Costa Mesa Calif USA
Jul 24, 2009 Orange County Fair, Calif Costa Mesa CA USA
Jul 22, 2009 Orange County Fair, Calif Costa Mesa CA USA
May 23, 2008 Waterloo Station Coffee House Mission Viejo CA
Sep 28, 2007 Waterloo Station Coffee House Mission Viejo CA behind the orange curtain
Jun 26, 2007 Waterloo Station Coffee House Mission Viejo CA
Oct 27, 2005 Totally Coffee Costa Mesa CA
Oct 22, 2005 Welcome Cafe Redondo Beach CA

Welcome Cafe was an awesome venue once we found it! They have fantasic food and a great PA, someone running sound, and set up all their comfy chairs like concert seating. Booking 4 bands a night was a great setup and we got to hear a variety of wonderful artists. This place is a rare find. The people running it are SUPER-NICE (that's even better than nice). We are hoping to play there again and if you are ever in the Redondo Beach area do stop by parking is in the parking garage next door.

Aug 28, 2005 Commando Rock Show Fountain Valley CA USA
Aug 8, 2005 Gypsy Den - Santa Ana, CA Santa Ana CA USA
Aug 5, 2005 Fendi's Cafe Long Beach CA USA
Jul 25, 2005 The Gypsy Den Santa Ana CA USA

Of course I love the Gypsy Den but wow I saw some awesome talent tonight there were these two guys on guitars who seemed to be having so much fun and had a really cool vocalist and also there was a guy with really interesting lyrics I wish I had thought of this one lyric line that I totally remember I wish I could remember actual names of the artists too! May drop by again in a coupld of weeks, so much fun!

Jul 8, 2005 The Marlin Bar and Grill Huntington Beach CA USA

This was a FANTASTIC show we had SO MUCH FUN and the other bands were amazing they rocked the bar until closing.

Jul 1, 2005 It's a Grind Anaheim CA USA

We were thrilled to take part in the first Commando Rock show and it was SO GOOD. We started off the night with Americana and were followed by Smokehouse Brown... oh a dolbro guitar, and a very sexy blues man, then came Brass Knuckle Voodoo they rocked the lot with originals and an awesome version of Voodoo Child (wah wah baby!), then Taking Fire did the big hard rock show set and the Crash Cadillacs psycobillyed the show to closing oh that big stand up bass that dude was flying. pIcked up some great cd's & t-shirts!

May 15, 2005 Huntington Beach Pier Plaza Amphitheater Huntington Beach CA USA

OH we LOOOVE the Beach anna LIVES THERE and how great was it to play on a stage outdoors right next to the ocean. Oh enough said. I'd do that every day if I could.

Apr 28, 2005 Cinnamon Productions Santa Ana CA USA

We love Henry and Michelle for hosting us for 2 months at their coffee shop and a special thank you to Jenny - the sexy-sassy-sweet-brunette that books their music!

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