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Dear Jane: Links

Without The Blonde

International Pop Overthrow
I LOVE seeing IPO's events in LA. Always always ALWAYS an interesting mix of bands and flavors, never disappointing NEVER. All original music... this is the one of the best local shows you can catch in the LA/OC area. Um... WHEN will there be a monthly OC event???!!!! Lots of local original bands down here... you know... below LA... but like before you get all the way to San Diego... helllloooooo... Oh yeah and annual music festivals! This year's LA IPO starts at the end of July! OH YEAH and Paula Kelley is playing it! Go see her!
So Lo-Fi-It's-No-Fi Records
Cyndi's DIY Record Label carries the Karaokee Sleater-Kinney Under Cover compilation CD on which... oh coincidentally Anna appears with '4 More Hours' on tracks 3 and 11! Plus Cyndi has the COOLEST cd art. East Coast based. DIY! DIY!
Sound Arena Rehearsal Studios - Garden Grove, CA
We like to rehease here when we are not broke! Mostly we will suffer the residents of Orange County with our outdoor and house-hopping rehearsal and song-writing marathons! DIY! DIY!
Go Girls Music
as they say... cuz chicks rock! dear jane is listed in their independent band directory so we love them! Oh wait... we loved them before, too! Girls and guitars, girls and songwriting, women independent artists, etc. etc. etc.
Southern Cali Americana Band these guys are beyond fantastic.
The Coach House
Good Mood Food Cafe
Best Raw Organic (& vegan) Food Cafe in Orange County (that I've found so far) on warner and springdale in huntington beach, california. sooo yummy.
Music Forte
vist dear jane on Music Forte!
No. 1 Band!
Visit dear jane on the No. 1 Band site and post something nice!
Paula Kelley
I was introduced to Paula's music by my drummer friend Justin Tibbets of ROSIE HUNTRESS in the Boston area and then GUESS WHAT Ms. Kelley moves out to Los Angeles!!! YEAH!!!!!!!! GO SEE HER!
Women in music LA based with oodles of band and music stuff!
dear jane is featured on Mixposure visit dear jane at mixposure!
A & R Online
Record labels A&R contacts music marketing and promotion! dear jane is a member of AandROnline!
The Fallen Stars
We've played with this band and they are the WHOLE PACKAGE.
Garage Band
dear jane is a member of visit dear jane at garage band!
Music Crunch
dear jane is proudly promoted at Music Crunch! visit dear jane at Music Crunch!
Raven Hill
raw gritty americana southern blues sexy vocals girl-fronted band. If you are in Texas DO NOT MISS. Plus check out their video clip!