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Dear Jane: Links

stage one
this is by far the the most friendly, clean, well-organized, well-equipped and affordable practice studios around (and check this out-they maintain their equipment, all the lights/recepticles work, the sound system is top and you'll not be fearful to enter the restroom). we dont have any experience with their recording, but if it follows suit with the way they run the rest of the operation it should high quality without the gouge. Rob is the owner, Sammy and Erin are most wonderful. please check them out.
2nd floor studios
dave is the most patient man, talented musician and great engineer, here's to ya, cheers


Frog Dog
Female-fronted local southern california band (currently a duo) excellent female guitarist & fun to hear and see!
Crystal and The Wolves
Alternative Rock with great vocals and infectious tunes. Go howl her out!
Taking Fire
If you like your rock hard and heavy these are your boys!

local southern cali indie band circuits

Commando Rock
Local Southern California Independent Bands Showcase ongoing dates and locations. dear jane played their premier show on July 1st it was SO MUCH fun we are music LOVERS first and it was a fantastic show met some awesome local bands it was a variety of good GOOD music. If you are an independent music fan check out the next show this is a quality local so cal event!

Without The Blonde