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Dear Jane: News

Karma Stain CD Now Available - February 22, 2012

Yes, its finally happened, the long awaited Karma Stain CD is now available. Come to one of our shows and ask for a free CD and get one, absolutely free!

hap-nings - September 8, 2010

Dear Jane played at the OC Fair once again, this year saw much improvement in the stage....shade!! they also oriented the stage facing the fair entrance. Bobbo of the Fallen Stars played after us and rocked it up!

yes, we did fall off the earth - June 2, 2009

Dear Jane had a bout with the hurdles of life, and it seems as if things are on the up swing. I know you've heard this before but the CD is back on track. The CD mastering was completed last year...GEEZ!, we doing the final proofs on the packaging. During our down period, the graphics designer got busy, so we had to take a bit of a back seat.

Some very good news! Dear Jane will be performing at the Orange County, not in Florida, North Carolina or Texas, all are wonderful places, I've been to all. Its Orange County California! July 22 and 24, 2009. We are so excited...well, we've wet ourselves. New songs are also in the wings, TA

so, do you feel it too!? - August 30, 2008

What is with this, do you feel as if all of the energy has been sucked right out of your body? not enough time to do important chores or even some well needed personal time? The more people that I talk to just confirms that we are all living way too fast, trying to do too many things to feel productive and a valuable part of society, yadda yadda yadda.

Anyway, I certainly appologize for the condition of the website. Since I've updated the look I've messed up the music. So sorry

eeehhhhh !! New Skin...Nice - April 5, 2008

yes we've change the look and oh yes, the feel of the Dear Jane website. So. Admit it. Makes you feel snappy, don't it?

AH HA !! - April 3, 2008

The CD is in mastering, won't be long. Once completed we'll be playing monthly, we'll let you know.

Ron has set up his own website ( which is under construction and

check back soon.

January 18, 2008

our cd is in final mixdown, should be ready for mastering in a few weeks.

the myspace site will be revamped including new pix and the new cd, some new songs some rehashed and improved. then this site will be remodeled too

sorry that we havent add anything new in some time

new showdate will be coming up too


not finished yet - December 16, 2007

we are officially in the studio, tracks have been laid and we expect the finished master to be completed by mid january.

hey, wouldnt it be cool to have a party to celebrate...

check with you later

October 5, 2007

holy shit!
So there's this person that wrote on our guestbook thing. IT'S IN FUCKIN RUSSIAN, or some language that uses those characters...
We're popular in Russia. Hells yea.

first duo sho - September 29, 2007

last night at waterloo station went very well, aside from the great atmosphere, the smell of coffee and fresh baked pastries, there was a packed house. yes there were the usual gremlins in the show but the audience seemed to go with the flow, we had a great time. ginny and i thank all those that support us, thanks millard for the technical insight, not to mention it looks like we will be jumping in the studio this oct to work on our cd, cheers

oh my gosh - September 2, 2007

ginny and i just had the best practice, pulling together our updating of existing songs and hammering out the new ones. we are really looking forward to the waterloo show, it should prove to be worth all our efforts. see ya there, r

the voices in yer head - August 20, 2007

the voices have not been speaking clearly because they have been busy eating, feasting upon your limbs. lift your arms...,eh, ah, stubs to the sky and say begone, begone, begone, begone (didnt help did it?) hmmmmm, try shazam, shazam, shazam.....ok ok ill go to my room now


Appeasement - August 19, 2007

I am writing to appease ronaldo, he has told me that my presence is needed among the pages of these dark halls.
As i've already explained to ron, the voices have not conversed with me in quite a while. For this reason the captain's log remains unfulfilled.
I really have nothing to add. Just dropping by to complain and say hello to the non-existant people who frequent this site ... and to the bastard i'm sure is eating up every word till now. (a.k.a my father)

July 31, 2007

ginny and i are busy practicing and putting together some new songs, and yes as always...working on a cd. we hope to be playing at waterloo station coffee house in lake forest sometime in september. keep in touch, r

oh dear, hmmmm, dear jane - July 17, 2007

our dear, hmmmm, dear jane, anyway, anna has moved on to explore other musical opportunities leaving ginny and i to carry on, check on anna at without the blonde, check on dear jane to see what ginny and i are up to, cheers

waterloo station - June 4, 2007

yes, yes indeed, the fabulous trio will be together at waterloo station coffee house in mission viejo on june 22 from 7-9pm. this venue has great food, great coffee and are musician friendly, maybe thats because rick is a musician and suzi loves music, we'll see ya there

April 4, 2007

Captain's log:
the SS Dear Jane has sailed away from port. Finally, the journey was long awaited by the crew and we will not let the old girl sink on this leg.

Ambrosia Elizabeth Maxwell - February 3, 2007

Hello again. I've missed you so, dear friends. Yesterday we went to work, Ginny and myself. We have fun with large plastic containers with spinning metal blades in them, fancy that. I wish I could make a home for my fish in one of those. When those fish misbehaved I could punish them.
I like to sing songs to my hamster, but he doesn't listen very well. Nor does he know how to sit still, so I've nailed his toes to the bottom of his cage. He stays in one place now, my he's well behaved.
Well friends, it seems I've run out of things to say. Goodnight then.

January 2, 2007

Captain's log:
Avast, ye scervy scoundrels!
It be the beginnin' of a new year, it be. You know what that be meanin'; in with the old and out with the new! ... or some such thing.
2006 was a year of hard times at port for the S.S. Dear Jane. But 2007 promises to be much nicer for the old girl. If it isn't we'll rip out 'er tongue and feed it to Davy Jone's Locker!
We'll be seein' ya soon.

we're back - September 23, 2006

well it has been a while indeed since we've graced these pages with our unusual and sorted wit and charm. things will start moving again, i promise. dear jane will be heading into their huntington beach studio to build their cd. we still plan on playing some shows here and there, but the emphasis will be on recording. stay tuned.

May 16, 2006

captain's log:
Ahoy thar, mates!
The SSDearJane has been docked far too long. another sea voyage is soon to come. sharing stories and swilling some shandy may be in order, aye?

hey - April 16, 2006

for those of you who enjoy sailing, you may be pleased to know that i will be participating in the newport to ensenada race. we leave april 28 and will be crewing on recess, please check the pics on this website for the past races. for more info check out wish us luck, eventhough luck is not a factor, cheers, r

March 25, 2006

captain's log:
i was reading through the entries of the ship, s.s. dearjane, and noticed that i only write when dear jane practices.
and i said to myself, "self, you will change your ways."
and thus, i am jotting down the thoughts of the moment in today's entry.

what's the use in being captain of a ship without having anyone to share the power with? well all that's changed. i've got me a first mate, quite a nice fellow, brit. accent, indian, and a magician ... we'll see how this turns out.

s.s. dear jane will be pulling into port for a practice next week. no gigs scheduled, still ridding the ship of her rodents.

March 13, 2006

captain's log:
i have the best crew. i love them all. they each add so much variety and utter joy to my life. . . i don't think i could like without them.
On the school side of things, its slow going right now. its seeming to lull into a slow rythm. i don't care for it much.
i like things to be exciting, moving a bit faster than i can think, as to keep me on my toes.
As it is, this slow pace makes be bored and disinterested in whatever is going on with my classes.
On the dear jane front, our practices are going well, not much beyond that.
it feels good to be back on the high seas.
till next time . . .

March 8, 2006

captain's log:
ive been held landside for longer than i can bear. the ocean, she calls to me. i can hear her sweet song in my ear and long to voyage on the sea once again.
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