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Dear Jane: News

February 9, 2006

captain's log:
I had to stop at an unnamed port on my journey to pick up a new crew. they've all proven themselves worthy of the harsh conditions they will no doubt endure while on future voyages, and so are a fine group of scallawags and scoundrels.
The battles on the school front have been trying; consuming time and energy, and definitely testing my patience as i am unaccustomed to this torturesomely slow paced world of meticulous working.
Things on the dear jane front are going well. so far we've just been practicing so we can get our new material ironed out, but future gigs are in the works.
That's all for now. Until our next adventure . . .

Ambrosia Elizabeth Maxwell - January 19, 2006

My name is Ambrosia Elizabeth Maxwell.
Im delighted to be the newest member of the voices in ginny's head.
There are such interesting things here. So many new friends to play with.
I was delighted to be at the practicing session last night. It was most enjoyable. There was a fancy device there that recorded voices, and instruments. They were most enjoyable to play with.
That's all for today. I must be off.
Goodbye for now friends.

January 10, 2006

captain's log:
Next week, on tuesday, i must return to the trenches and take arms in the battle for education once again.
In the mean time, i have been concidering getting a tattoo. I know the design that i want for my first tattoo, and will post a picture of it once it has been inked onto my person.
The second one has been giving me troubles. I want to make it something meaningful to me, and i have a few ideas, but none have become a design on paper yet. so i have been searching the web for design ideas.
My third tattoo will be my astrological sign, the great and mighty centaur, Sagitarius.
I want one more, but it wont be for a while.
We wont even begin to get into my love life. Too much to talk about, and i really dont feel like explaining it anymore. If you dont already know, forget it.
On the business end of things, life is going well. dear jane is practicing some new material, and we're still having the time of our lives working on the things we love. And (i think this is most important) we dont completely hate working with one another.

December 24, 2005

captain's log:
well, i made it into adulthood.
Im finally 18 years old. WHOOT!
The beloved ship, the ss dear jane, wishes all you land lubbers the best of the holiday season. and not to get trampled in yer shoppin of sorts. I know no one has set their voyage news up on the site in a while, however we are still alive. barely. I got a new electric guitar, its green, like the sea when she's angry, and plays like the call of the gulls. (that's supposed to be a GOOD thing for all ya land-folk thar.)
thats all the news for now.

ah the bliss of the holidays - December 6, 2005

November 10, 2005

captain's log:
last night was SOO good.
dear jane practiced, (and sounded really good !)
it felt good to be with everyone again.
dear jane is currently working on some new material.

November 9, 2005

captain's log:
okay, i know that what im about to tell you makes me about the stupidest person in the history of the universe, but here it goes.
i cut my finger . . . on my left hand . . . near the joint so that it cant bend.
I KNOW!!! im stupid. it makes playing the guitar difficult, but i can manage ok.
i actually sliced a shit load of skin off of it with a razor. (long story, dont ask)
i feel better telling you. i felt like i was keeping a secret from the world!
except that the world doesnt really read my captain's logs, so it really doesnt matter.
oh, well.
we have band practice tonight!.

THIS WEEKEND - October 27, 2005

TONIGHT - Thursday the 27th - DEAR JANE drops in on the open mic at TOTALLY COFFEE in Costa Mesa, California, 7:30pm see gig page for map/details

SATURDAY - the 29th - what are you doing? GO SEE FROG DOG at Coconuts in Capistrano Beach, CA. HALLOWEEN party. I'll be there dressed up in something - so by all means buy me a shot of tequila! For the holiday! Of course!
34235 Doheny Park Rd.
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624
Phone: (949) 248-2448
[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map of
34235 Doheny Park Rd
Capistrano Beach, CA 92624-1110

dear jane caffeine & live music tour - hitting the so-cal open mics & acoustic cafes near you! - October 24, 2005

We will list our venu appearances on the gig page for the dear jane southern california caffeine & live music tour! Keep checking to see where we will be next and if it is an open mic - come sign up and play something too! It's a great way to hear some cool music, meet lots of other musicians and indie-music fans and also check out the rich cafe & live music venues scattered all over the southern cali area! Love a local musician!

dear jane caffeine & live music tour - Welcome Cafe, Redondo Beach, CA - October 19, 2005

we have taken a short performing haitus to work on new material which we are madly in love with and now it is time to unleash it upon the universe! Or... southern california! You know... to work out the kinks, make up some harmony vocals on the fly and generally party down with caffeine and pastries because we will be hitting the open mics, coffee houses and acoustic venues (it's all the same to us, give us a square on a sidewalk or center stage at a festival we'll set up and play anywhere!) throughout southern California.

Our first showing will be a short but sweeeet set of stripped-down acoustic dear jane at the Welcome Cafe in Redondo Beach THIS SATURDAY at 7:30pm. See our GIG PAGE for full info! I think we r up for like half an hour but it'll the best half hour you've heard in like... oh... since our last one!
[ Yahoo! Maps ]
Map of
Welcome Cafe
1808 S Pacific Coast Hwy
Redondo Beach, CA 90277-6117

October 13, 2005

captain's log:
okay, its been quite a while since anyone has posted any journal entries (that must mean it's my turn)
this month, like the last, is full of school stuff --weekend trips and whatnot-- that i have to do. Wehave agreed to do some open mic nights. (they will be posted as soon as schedules are figured out.)
in the way of personal issues, i dont have that much to say. my life is dear jane and school right now. (exciting, i know)

tomorrow is a new month - September 30, 2005



time to jump back on, just incase anyone cares, i want to share some music with you

patti griffin, her first cd is so awesome, beautiful folk, as i hear, it was her demo

also, nickle creek, their latest, great alternative blue grass

just sharing



new mandolin - September 24, 2005

did i tell you that i got a new mandolin, in case i forgot, i got a new mandolin, cheers, r

September 23, 2005

captain's log:
how stoked are WE to hear about the NEW MANDOLIN?!!!
okay, thats enough.
so this month has been a whirlwind of activity, but it is not over just yet.
there's still a wee-bit more to do.
this weekend my high school choir teacher (who i love and adore and highly revere) asked me to help him out with some six year old's birthday party in his neighborhood. some of my friends from choir will be there too, so, eh, why not?
( i just hope they -the children- dont kill me, or vice versa)
next weekend is the big choir retreat (college choir - mandatory) and i am super excited! the people that im carpooling with are awesome and i know just the ride up there will be a blast, and memorable as anything.
THEN . . . i get . . . to . . . slow . . . down. (sigh with me) ahhhhh.
and of course i get to rock with fellow band mates *HELL YEAH*
by the by, i just got finished writing a new song. its another slow, moody song that will probably put anyone to sleep, but i like it, and I think it sounds fucking awesome, so . . . THERE!
you'll see it soon on the site.

newmandolinnewmandolinnewmandolinnewmandolin - September 23, 2005


THIS WEEKEND - September 23, 2005

Ok What to do this weekend. I'm camping with my Cherubs all weekend, going to the Pirate Festival in Ojai, Cali on Saturday and watching a dear friend do her 1st Triathalon in Malibu, Cali on Sunday. I may never come back to the OC. You all are on your own.

Well Ok here are two shows worth checking out:
1) Commando Rock Show on Friday Night 8pm at The Beach Hut in San Clemente, California bring 2 cans of food for admission 2) Frog Dog at Taco Surf Cantina on Harbor in Costa Mesa, California Sunday from 1-4

newly weds, new mandolin - September 21, 2005

well my friends it certainly is good to be back home, however i was really sad to leave, i spent a couple of days in baker oregon enjoying the wedding of a very close friend kyle and robin, cheers to them, thanks to the driggers and the eddelman families for the hospitality, for those of you who have not had the pleasure of visiting baker i strongly recommend it, spend the night at the geiser grand hotel, enjoy great coffee and company at mad matildas, cheers, r

September 20, 2005

Last weekend went too fast. Friday night kicked off with pigging out at Oggi's in Huntington Beach, then jamming in my little, dingy, dirty apartment (but it’s so close to the water! - oh wait, that’s not necessarily a good thing anymore)! Later, while innocently walking doggie, neighbor suggested I check out Tumbleweeds in HB (I think he thinks I don’t get out much) so after practice I drug my sorry tired ass out to check it out and yes, it’s PACKED with people (mmm… not my thing unless it’s a festival with everyone walking around with nothing on their boobs but PAINT or unless of course it’s an audience & I’m on stage!) but… couldn't find neighbor so sent myself home to crash (I'm so old) (but I DO get out I DO!).

Saturday. Woof! No sleeping in with doggie!. Agenda is a wedding followed by Americana night at the Marlin in HB with The Fallen Stars headlining. So I drag my sorry ass out of my dirty, dingy (yet comfy) apartment to pick up a present, and more importantly, a NEW DRESS – which means one thing... TORRID at Lakewood Mall! So malls SUCK, people in malls SUCK and that chick at Bed Bath and Beyond that started wrapping my present and after an HOUR had to hand it over to someone to finish the job SUCKS.

So I’m late to wedding (I blame stupid wrapping girl chick), but was in possession of a cute new dress so... the universe balances itself out, no?! I pick up my friend Laurie on the way and we get to Embassy Suites in Costa Mesa just in time to sneak into the open bar (I mean, reception). THE BRIDE, (not a la Quentin Tarantino’s THE BRIDE), was drop-dead gorgeous. Her wedding & reception were elegant our table companions were interesting the action in the open bar line was highly entertaining but then dancing started so it was time to GO! Happiness Forever and Ever Laura and Greg!

So off to MARLIN but isn’t JASPERS kindof on the way? Turns out, ANYTHING can be ‘on the way’! One quick stoppy-stop at Jaspers in Costa Mesa later and what the F is happening on a SATURDAY night but KARAOKE! When the Universe TELLS you what to do – don’t question it’s motives! The place was full of girls all having fun with the microphone… and drinking… and the microphone so I felt compelled to do ‘Just a Girl’ in honor of my karaoke sisters… and THEN right on the list I see “She Don’t Use Jelly” by the Flaming Lips! WHEN does one ever get to do that song! NEVER , apparently, because it didn't come up before we had to do a quick exit to make it to Marlin Bar!

Marlin was bumping . The Fallen Stars host an Americana night every now and then and tonight they were AMAZING. How much fun is Bobbo on the guitar! How gorgeous is Tracy’s voice! How does anyone play the bass that wild! Their drummer (Dan) (I just looked his name up) uses a cow-bell AND a vibraslap! I love him! They kicked *SS with their set really like don’t even go to the bathroom good. AND some dude at the bar was WASTED and buying everyone drinks (go dude!). Good night.

Sunday to Taco Surf Cantina in Costa Mesa for Frog Dog’s set from 1-4-ish. Frog Dog is so cool, Molly does the BEST show and all you can eat tacos & champagne only $12. Of course THAT ends at 2 and of course I didn’t get there until after 1 so I did not get to indulge. Just as well. (See… I DO get out I Do!). So Molly from Frog Dog let me sing a couple of songs and the highlight for ME was singing Violet by Hole with Molly playing & singing. Molly is REALLY GOOD on the guitar. She has the most hilarious song called Newport Bitch. She does the most awesome cover of the Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” AND the waitresses & bartender at Taco Surf are too cool. Anyway SORRY MOLLY for my VERY KARAOKE version of Violet (I should have practiced the night before!) (Hey do you know… “She Don’t Use Jelly” by the Flaming Lips?)

So I was supposed to music practice Sunday night but I could not. I just couldn’t. I just watched TV. Because, really, I should stay in more. Really!


September 19, 2005

captain's log:
well, i got back from camping in the sierra nevada for ecology yesterday. it was beautiful, and fun, and COLD! but only at night. it got to 30 degrees fri. and sat. nights, frost was on the INSIDES of our tents. dude, it was so cold the first night, i swear, i only got two hours of sleep. then the next day after no sleep we had to hike and learn and collect plant life. OH! and catch lizards, that was a BLAST! we caught some interesting ones.
even though the nights were freezing (quite literally) the trip was so much fun. and im glad i got the chance to know my classmates better.


Anna recommends the following for this weekend if you need help (as I do) getting through the withdrawal of having no dear jane shows to attend!


1) BUCKSWORTH at the Los Angeles Farmers Market - 4pm
I won't be able to make this because of a dear friend's wedding (open bar!) but I ALWAYS recommend Bucksworth for you true Americana fans so even if I won't be there to beg you to buy me a drink you should go!)
2) THE FALLEN STARS at The Marlin Bar - 9pm $5 at door
16651 Gothard St., Huntington Beach, California
Americana Rock Night featuring: adam james, Last Campfire, The Fallen Stars, Tipsy Jack.
(I plan on going to this if I'm physically able to after the open-bar wedding reception) (I'll be a little buzzed but very nicely dressed!)

Taco Surf Cantina
1969 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, California (just north of Triangle)
Frog Dog is an awesome Female fronted band - and Taco Surf has a champagne & taco bruch deleo! I will be here! THIS will help me get over the open-bar-wedding-fallen-stars-at-the-marlin-bar evening from the night before! I'll probably look a little worn out! Sit with me! Hold my head! Feel free to buy me champagne and a taco!
2) Use as many free weekend minutes on your cell as you possibly can! (Just because.)

September 15, 2005

captain's log:
so this weekend is my big ecology camping trip. we are heading out to Tulare County (a four to six hour drive). i am SOOooo not prepared right now. i dont even know how im getting there. ive asked to carpool, but have yet to get definite responses. i have to buy a tent tonight, i need shears to cut leaves for samples . . . i need to make a list.
so wish me luck and, you know, hope i wont die.

September 11, 2005

well, ok, ok, ok, i did stand the girls up, but it's not my fault!, i sware, hey, when food and good friends are involved i just loose track of time, anyway, i will be writing some songs while in oregon, ill be looking for inspiration, i'll be at the wedding of my friend kyle driggers and his sweetheart robin, cheers, r

September 11, 2005

captains log:
so, i went to a choir charity/fundraiser/beach party this friday. We helped the Sheepfold organization do some house work, that was actually really fun. (if you know what sheepfold is, great, if you dont, dont worry about it - thats not the point of this log.)
so i saw my first over-water sunset at the beach with my friend donnovan, it was SO beautiful. it was an exciting moment for me, really.
my car finally has a radio in it. i was dying w/o it, really i was.
this weekend i am going on a mountain camping trip with my ecology class. im excited, but i have to miss a trip with my marine biolgoy class. i guess thats okay. the ecology class trips are REQUIRED ... geez.
i know that you are all dying to know, so i will just come out and answer your question: YES, i do have people at school that i am interested in getting to know better, outside of just being friends. (i know you wanted to know, i could hear it screaming from your brains. you can relax now.)
as for dear jane business, ron stood anna and i up for our last practice - dont worry, ron, im not angry - so we do need to set another one up, but i have NO idea when we are going to be able to do that. as ive said, this weedend is busy (yes that includes friday) and next weekend, my choir class is having a manditory retreat so we can "get to know eachother better". its actually kind of annoying, but it may turn out to be a good thing - hint, hint, nudge, wink - so im not purturbed. although i am purturbed that dear jane wont be able to practice for this ENTIRE month. my hide is officially chapped!

September 8, 2005

Tonight I'm taking my kid & one of his friends up to Hollywood to see Ted Leo & the Pharmacists at the El Ray. I love the El Ray. I love live music. I love that my kid is getting into live music. I have no idea who this Ted Leo cat is. I get mixed reactions from people when I mention, yet no one can really clue me in as to the music. I think it's indie-rock stuff, which I overall love, but of course am partial to the girl bands, except for The Shins I kinda dig some of their stuff, but he writes like a chick anyway... well if anyone is going I'll probably be up in the back of the balcony amusing myself or out on the second floor outdoor lounge (again, amusing myself) so if you are doing the same come say hi (and where were you at OZFEST when I needed u!)! OR - I may really like this band, in that case, I may be up front clawing thru a bunch of teenagers (love them) all dressed in black clothes and silver belts (u know).

Ok now down to business - it looks like we are still holding back on performance dates until we get the demo cd finalized and also in the next few weeks everyone is going out of town for one thing or another thing or some other thing BUT we are writing some NEW STUFF so next gig watch out we shall assault you all with working out material on the fly as we do...

Things to do while in mourning for a new dear jane show:

1) IF YOU LIKE THE GIRLS... I saw the coolest band last Sunday at Taco Surf Catina in Costa Mesa, California (on Harbor just North of the Triangle for all u orange-county-uns) FROG DOG - fronted by this chick Molly she is fantastic on guitar and too interesting and entertaining to not stay for the whole show check her out at and I think she plays there every Sunday check website.

2) IF YOU LIKE THE BOY-ROCK STUFF - THIS FRIDAY the 9th (that is tomorrow) at Marlin Bar & Grill in Huntington Beach, California (oh, my city!) Taking Fire and PSI - click on gallery of performers - are playing an evening starting at 9pm. Marlin is a fantastic bar & grill with yummy food until midnight or 1am I think (like.. better than restaurant yummy food) try the $1 (!) tacos. OH and most likely I will be there just a bit late (what is new) or not at all depends on band photo shoot.

3) IF YOU LIKE AUTHENTIC AMERICANA - one of my absolute hands down FAVORITE BANDS: BUCKSWORTH is playing at 'The Depot' in Riverside, California at 8pm this SATURDAY, SEPT. 10th their website is oh I can't say enough about these guys I'd so be AT this show but I am committed (they don't let me have a pass for EVERY weekend) (u know)

4) Another good band to check out is The Fallen Stars they don't have a show this weekend but I think they are at Marlin next Saturday.

- anna

September 6, 2005

captain's log:
I've just done THE stupidest thing in the history of human beings. I spent two and a half hours doing the wrong homework for my physics class! If it were ANYthing but physics, i would be fine. but it wasn't. it was physics. *SOB* (not s.o.b., but that works too)
on the dear jane front, we are going to see how a photo shoot goes, that should be cool. some extra practices may be in order for this weekend, too, because all of our weekends for the next couple of fri, and sat, are pretty hectic.
so everyone who reads this out there, wish us patience. i know i'll need it.
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