dear jane

The sound of Dear Jane can be very familiar, comforting, thought provoking, well... perhaps even disturbing. Their songs are inspired by the simplicity and sincerity of folk and acoustic music, threading through thoughts and emotions common to us all. They are a collaboration of two singer/songwriters, influenced by the experiences and perspectives of their two very different generations. She is 21, he's 51. Listeners can hear the influences of their varied, musical tastes from different eras and genres. The sound is simple and easy to grasp; moving, serious, playful, percussive and catchy. Their music is primarily acoustic guitar and bass, but it can also include the mountain dulcimer, mandolin, electric guitar and percussion. They perform as a duet, but for the production of their latest CD (Karma Stain 2009) they brought together a variety of musicians to expand their sound with a broader range of instruments and skill: Millard Ellingsworth -Producer and bass Dave Williams -Engineering and Mixing John Vestman -Mastering Frank Occhipinti -Guitar Steve Smithrud -Violin/fiddle Stefan Berglund -Piano Martin Farrell -Drums Brice Hutfless -Trumpet They hope that their music touches something within you, either good or bad, but hopefully not your auto-destruct button, cheers !


Born in NJ and travelled the states as an Army brat, my mother is Japanese, my father Irish/English/Scottish. We spent time in Alaska, North Carolina and Georgia. My dad loved traditional country music, which filled the air of our home. We settled in So CA when I was young. I work as a park ranger. My wife and I, Lucy the white circus dog and Stella the sink cat live on the Orange County coast. Sailing and backpacking are my hobbies, music is my passion, chocolate is my addiction (well, a little single malt now and then too). My message is, take time to look around, slow down, sit and watch, get involved, remember... everyone dies, not everyone lives.


A sultry vocals reminisant of sirens, mermaids and songs heard on the wind. I write songs, sing, plays guitar and bass. My haunts are places that those who are faint of heart should not tread. Oh not that i'm scary or anything like that, sometimes i just scare the hell out of ... well, whomever might be present. But Ron still loves me. Of course he does, otherwise I my do something horrible to him.