captain's log: how stoked are WE to hear about the NEW MANDOLIN?!!! okay, thats enough. so this month has been a whirlwind of activity, but it is not over just yet. there's still a wee-bit more to do. this weekend my high school choir teacher (who i love and adore and highly revere) asked me to help him out with some six year old's birthday party in his neighborhood. some of my friends from choir will be there too, so, eh, why not? ( i just hope they -the children- dont kill me, or vice versa) next weekend is the big choir retreat (college choir - mandatory) and i am super excited! the people that im carpooling with are awesome and i know just the ride up there will be a blast, and memorable as anything. THEN . . . i get . . . to . . . slow . . . down. (sigh with me) ahhhhh. and of course i get to rock with fellow band mates *HELL YEAH* by the by, i just got finished writing a new song. its another slow, moody song that will probably put anyone to sleep, but i like it, and I think it sounds fucking awesome, so . . . THERE! you'll see it soon on the site. ginny

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