captain's log: Next week, on tuesday, i must return to the trenches and take arms in the battle for education once again. In the mean time, i have been concidering getting a tattoo. I know the design that i want for my first tattoo, and will post a picture of it once it has been inked onto my person. The second one has been giving me troubles. I want to make it something meaningful to me, and i have a few ideas, but none have become a design on paper yet. so i have been searching the web for design ideas. My third tattoo will be my astrological sign, the great and mighty centaur, Sagitarius. I want one more, but it wont be for a while. We wont even begin to get into my love life. Too much to talk about, and i really dont feel like explaining it anymore. If you dont already know, forget it. On the business end of things, life is going well. dear jane is practicing some new material, and we're still having the time of our lives working on the things we love. And (i think this is most important) we dont completely hate working with one another.

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