Back from the great 4-day wilderness adventure with Ginny & our families. Ok it was a campground. Ok a cabin was involved. But I slept in a tent! Ok I had an air mattress. But not the first night! Highlight would be Ginny's family's annual HIKE TO THE FALLS it was gorgeous and COLD and I LOVED IT. Plus I FELL so I get to show off my bruised, swollen, leg, which I hardley ever get to do after a weekend of watching too much TV while playing guitar! I also kinda hurt my left writst cause I'm a BABY and I was thinking maybe camping & hiking wasn't the best choice the weekend before the GREAT RECORDING TUESDAY but it's ok now I was just being a BABY. Last night was CAKE at the House of Blues in Anaheim, Cali and they were AMAZING how much do I LOVE them http://www.cakemusic.com I'm SO IN LOVE with them ok with John well ok with the band! The night started out just right with my friend and co-CAKE fanatic driving me TO THE SHOW I love not driving it almost made up for having to see CAKE at House of Blues DOWNTOWN DISNEY location oh seeing Cake at Downtown Disney oh fat and pregnant with potential irony that reality is. Also nice was singing along to ALL the CAKE songs on the car stereo all by myself oh maybe they wanted to hear CAKE singing them but oh NO why just THAT when I can harmonize and sing over every word!!! Oh and CAKE performed Rock and Roll Lifestyle during the 3-song encore which I almost died I was so happy to hear them play that song live although he left out the BEST CHANT at the the end.. 'excess ain't rebellion... you're drinkin' what they're sellin'... excess ain't rebellion... you're drinkin'.. you're drinkin' what they're sellin'.... (by CAKE) oh OH OH so just a little sad I didn't get to yell along with THAT although I was not supposed to be yelling cause the GREAT RECORDING DAY is this Tuesday! SO HEY TOMORROW we go into the studio (did I mention)!to record some demo tracks maybe we'll actually have a demo cd. So three of us. Up in LA. Artists Loft District. Little Tokyo. WE MAY GET DISTRACTED! Ron has threatened to bring tequila so we know that maybe ANNA's TRACKS won't get recorded (but she'll have some nice memories)! -anna

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