Last weekend went too fast. Friday night kicked off with pigging out at Oggi's in Huntington Beach, then jamming in my little, dingy, dirty apartment (but it’s so close to the water! - oh wait, that’s not necessarily a good thing anymore)! Later, while innocently walking doggie, neighbor suggested I check out Tumbleweeds in HB (I think he thinks I don’t get out much) so after practice I drug my sorry tired ass out to check it out and yes, it’s PACKED with people (mmm… not my thing unless it’s a festival with everyone walking around with nothing on their boobs but PAINT or unless of course it’s an audience & I’m on stage!) but… couldn't find neighbor so sent myself home to crash (I'm so old) (but I DO get out I DO!). Saturday. Woof! No sleeping in with doggie!. Agenda is a wedding followed by Americana night at the Marlin in HB with The Fallen Stars http://www.thefallenstars.com headlining. So I drag my sorry ass out of my dirty, dingy (yet comfy) apartment to pick up a present, and more importantly, a NEW DRESS – which means one thing... TORRID at Lakewood Mall! So malls SUCK, people in malls SUCK and that chick at Bed Bath and Beyond that started wrapping my present and after an HOUR had to hand it over to someone to finish the job SUCKS. So I’m late to wedding (I blame stupid wrapping girl chick), but was in possession of a cute new dress so... the universe balances itself out, no?! I pick up my friend Laurie on the way and we get to Embassy Suites in Costa Mesa just in time to sneak into the open bar (I mean, reception). THE BRIDE, (not a la Quentin Tarantino’s THE BRIDE), was drop-dead gorgeous. Her wedding & reception were elegant our table companions were interesting the action in the open bar line was highly entertaining but then dancing started so it was time to GO! Happiness Forever and Ever Laura and Greg! So off to MARLIN but isn’t JASPERS kindof on the way? Turns out, ANYTHING can be ‘on the way’! One quick stoppy-stop at Jaspers in Costa Mesa later and what the F is happening on a SATURDAY night but KARAOKE! When the Universe TELLS you what to do – don’t question it’s motives! The place was full of girls all having fun with the microphone… and drinking… and the microphone so I felt compelled to do ‘Just a Girl’ in honor of my karaoke sisters… and THEN right on the list I see “She Don’t Use Jelly” by the Flaming Lips! WHEN does one ever get to do that song! NEVER , apparently, because it didn't come up before we had to do a quick exit to make it to Marlin Bar! Marlin was bumping . The Fallen Stars host an Americana night every now and then and tonight they were AMAZING. How much fun is Bobbo on the guitar! How gorgeous is Tracy’s voice! How does anyone play the bass that wild! Their drummer (Dan) (I just looked his name up) uses a cow-bell AND a vibraslap! I love him! They kicked *SS with their set really like don’t even go to the bathroom good. AND some dude at the bar was WASTED and buying everyone drinks (go dude!). Good night. Sunday to Taco Surf Cantina in Costa Mesa for Frog Dog’s set http://www.frogdogrocks.com from 1-4-ish. Frog Dog is so cool, Molly does the BEST show and all you can eat tacos & champagne only $12. Of course THAT ends at 2 and of course I didn’t get there until after 1 so I did not get to indulge. Just as well. (See… I DO get out I Do!). So Molly from Frog Dog let me sing a couple of songs and the highlight for ME was singing Violet by Hole with Molly playing & singing. Molly is REALLY GOOD on the guitar. She has the most hilarious song called Newport Bitch. She does the most awesome cover of the Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” AND the waitresses & bartender at Taco Surf are too cool. Anyway SORRY MOLLY for my VERY KARAOKE version of Violet (I should have practiced the night before!) (Hey do you know… “She Don’t Use Jelly” by the Flaming Lips?) So I was supposed to music practice Sunday night but I could not. I just couldn’t. I just watched TV. Because, really, I should stay in more. Really! -anna

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