Tonight I'm taking my kid & one of his friends up to Hollywood to see Ted Leo & the Pharmacists at the El Ray. I love the El Ray. I love live music. I love that my kid is getting into live music. I have no idea who this Ted Leo cat is. I get mixed reactions from people when I mention, yet no one can really clue me in as to the music. I think it's indie-rock stuff, which I overall love, but of course am partial to the girl bands, except for The Shins I kinda dig some of their stuff, but he writes like a chick anyway... well if anyone is going I'll probably be up in the back of the balcony amusing myself or out on the second floor outdoor lounge (again, amusing myself) so if you are doing the same come say hi (and where were you at OZFEST when I needed u!)! OR - I may really like this band, in that case, I may be up front clawing thru a bunch of teenagers (love them) all dressed in black clothes and silver belts (u know). Ok now down to business - it looks like we are still holding back on performance dates until we get the demo cd finalized and also in the next few weeks everyone is going out of town for one thing or another thing or some other thing BUT we are writing some NEW STUFF so next gig watch out we shall assault you all with working out material on the fly as we do... Things to do while in mourning for a new dear jane show: 1) IF YOU LIKE THE GIRLS... I saw the coolest band last Sunday at Taco Surf Catina in Costa Mesa, California (on Harbor just North of the Triangle for all u orange-county-uns) FROG DOG - fronted by this chick Molly she is fantastic on guitar and too interesting and entertaining to not stay for the whole show check her out at http://www.frogdogrocks.com and I think she plays there every Sunday check website. 2) IF YOU LIKE THE BOY-ROCK STUFF - THIS FRIDAY the 9th (that is tomorrow) at Marlin Bar & Grill in Huntington Beach, California (oh, my city!) Taking Fire http:www.takingfiremusic.com and PSI http://www.commandorock.com - click on gallery of performers - are playing an evening starting at 9pm. Marlin is a fantastic bar & grill with yummy food until midnight or 1am I think (like.. better than restaurant yummy food) try the $1 (!) tacos. OH and most likely I will be there just a bit late (what is new) or not at all depends on band photo shoot. 3) IF YOU LIKE AUTHENTIC AMERICANA - one of my absolute hands down FAVORITE BANDS: BUCKSWORTH is playing at 'The Depot' in Riverside, California at 8pm this SATURDAY, SEPT. 10th their website is http://bucksworth.rwin.nl/ oh I can't say enough about these guys I'd so be AT this show but I am committed (they don't let me have a pass for EVERY weekend) (u know) 4) Another good band to check out is The Fallen Stars http://thefallenstars.com they don't have a show this weekend but I think they are at Marlin next Saturday. - anna

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