captains log: so, i went to a choir charity/fundraiser/beach party this friday. We helped the Sheepfold organization do some house work, that was actually really fun. (if you know what sheepfold is, great, if you dont, dont worry about it - thats not the point of this log.) so i saw my first over-water sunset at the beach with my friend donnovan, it was SO beautiful. it was an exciting moment for me, really. my car finally has a radio in it. i was dying w/o it, really i was. this weekend i am going on a mountain camping trip with my ecology class. im excited, but i have to miss a trip with my marine biolgoy class. i guess thats okay. the ecology class trips are REQUIRED ... geez. i know that you are all dying to know, so i will just come out and answer your question: YES, i do have people at school that i am interested in getting to know better, outside of just being friends. (i know you wanted to know, i could hear it screaming from your brains. you can relax now.) as for dear jane business, ron stood anna and i up for our last practice - dont worry, ron, im not angry - so we do need to set another one up, but i have NO idea when we are going to be able to do that. as ive said, this weedend is busy (yes that includes friday) and next weekend, my choir class is having a manditory retreat so we can "get to know eachother better". its actually kind of annoying, but it may turn out to be a good thing - hint, hint, nudge, wink - so im not purturbed. although i am purturbed that dear jane wont be able to practice for this ENTIRE month. my hide is officially chapped! -ginny

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