Anna recommends the following for this weekend if you need help (as I do) getting through the withdrawal of having no dear jane shows to attend! SATURDAY, SEPT 17th 1) BUCKSWORTH at the Los Angeles Farmers Market - 4pm I won't be able to make this because of a dear friend's wedding (open bar!) but I ALWAYS recommend Bucksworth for you true Americana fans so even if I won't be there to beg you to buy me a drink you should go!) http://bucksworth.rwin.nl/ 2) THE FALLEN STARS at The Marlin Bar - 9pm $5 at door 16651 Gothard St., Huntington Beach, California Americana Rock Night featuring: adam james, Last Campfire, The Fallen Stars, Tipsy Jack. (I plan on going to this if I'm physically able to after the open-bar wedding reception) (I'll be a little buzzed but very nicely dressed!) http://www.thefallenstars.com SUNDAY, SEPT 18th 1) FROG DOG Taco Surf Cantina 1969 Harbor Blvd, Costa Mesa, California (just north of Triangle) Frog Dog is an awesome Female fronted band - and Taco Surf has a champagne & taco bruch deleo! I will be here! THIS will help me get over the open-bar-wedding-fallen-stars-at-the-marlin-bar evening from the night before! I'll probably look a little worn out! Sit with me! Hold my head! Feel free to buy me champagne and a taco! http://www.frogdogrocks.com 2) Use as many free weekend minutes on your cell as you possibly can! (Just because.)

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